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    Accelerated Reader® encourages students to read for fun!
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    Participating Classes

    Tijerina students are participating in Accelerated Reader® this year.  They are leaning to read the fun way! 

AR Information

  • Accelerated Reader is a reading program that encourages students to read more books.  Students choose books from the library.  After they read their books, they take a test on the computer.  If they pass the test, they receive a certain number of points depending on the difficulty of the book and the number of correct answers they made on the test.  The more books they read the more points they can make.  Students with the most points are eligible to receive prizes every month and at the end of the year.

    Accelerated Reader Online
    This year Tijerina is running Accelerated Reader online.  We have access to all the AR tests available and students can log on from school or from home.  Click below to access Accelerated Reader online.


    Why Participate in AR?
    • AR encourages students to read
    • AR makes reading fun
    • AR rewards students for reading
    • AR motivates students to read at their reading level
    • AR does not require any work from the teacher
    • AR helps increase test scores