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    Latest Update: August 24, 2017

    Program Fees for Students Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

    Thank you for choosing Leopard’s Den for your child’s enrichment and extended care. We look forward to working with your child. Have a Leopard’s Den question? Email leopardsden@longfellowhisdpta.org

    There are two types of enrollment:  Full-time and Drop-in

    Full-time is five (5) days a week when school is in session.


    Fall Semester

    Spring Semester


    Must be paid in advance

    by the 1st of every month


    $50 discount if paid in full by Friday, September 1, 2017


    $50 discount if paid in full by Friday, January 5, 2018

    Drop-in is a PREPAID PROGRAM.



    Early Release Package


    Must be paid in advance and not an Early Release Day.

    $60 for a regular week

    Five (5) prepaid days; can not use for Early Dismissal Day.

    $125 for early release week

    Pickup time is 6pm for Early Release Days.

    Billing and Payment Options (No Personal Checks or Cash accepted)

    Daily Drop-in

    Weekly Drop-in

    Monthly Full-Time

    Brightwheel App


    Brightwheel App


    QuickBooks Invoice

    Brightwheel App


    QuickBooks Invoice

    LATE PAYMENT FEES: Payments received after the due date will be assessed a $15 late fee for each late day. If payment and assessed late fees are not received within five days of the due date, the child(ren) will be dismissed from the program and will not be allowed back in until his or her balance is paid in full. Maximum assessed Late Payment Fee is $75.  Refer to your Student and Parent handbook for late pickup procedures.  

    LATE PICKUP FEES: For every minute past 6:00PM a parent/guardian is assessed a $1 per minute late pickup fee. No exceptions! This late pickup fee will be added to your monthly QuickBooks Invoice, charged to you through Brightwheel App or requested from you through PayPal. Excessive late pick-ups (five maximum per semester) will result in your child(ren)’s dismissal from the program.


    1st  Notification - Late notice reminder provided to each parent/guardian

    2nd Notification - Service termination notice will be given to each parent/guardian