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    Medical Terminology

    Health Science 1

    Practicum of Health Sciece



    Room 2164


  • Health Science is a secondary career education program for students interested in pursuing a career in Health Care.
    The Health Science program provides students with opportunities to explore a variety of health careers and make realistic and satisfying  career choices.
    Is a program offered to students here at Milby High School who are interested in Health careers.Students are accepted into the program in their sophomore year.They must complete three years of Health Science once accepted into the program.
    The classes are Principles of Health Science (10 grade), Health science I for (11 grade) and Practicum of Health Science (12 grade.)
    Students join HOSA Health Occupations Students of America.
    HOSA is a club for high school and college students pursing careers in health care.They do  community service activities and voluntering, host blood drives and apply and receive scholarships for college.
    Anatomy -Physiology is the study of the structure and function of the Human Body.This is a course for motivated students.In this class  you will  have redings,vocabulary reviews,class notes,chapter reviews,unit worksheets,problem solving activities,laboratory exercises.
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