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  • What do I do to excuse an absence/tardy?

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    Students who have been absent or tardy must present a written excuse from the parents or guardian when they return to school. Excuses for absences and tardies are: 

    • personal illness
    • sickness or death in the family
    • quarantine
    • weather or road conditions making travel dangerous
    • participation in school activities with permission of the principal
    • juvenile court proceeding documented by a probation officer
    • approved college visitation (verification from college coordinator/counselor required)

    Written excuses should be in the school's possession no later than three school days after the date of the absence or tardy. The three-day period begins with the day the student returns to school.
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  • Are tardies absences?

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    Students must be present at least 35 minutes of the class period (or 60 minutes of a 90-minute class period) in order to be considered in attendance unless they are participating on a field trip or other activity approved by the principal.
    Unexcused tardies are not converted to unexcused absences. Tardies are a disciplinary issue.
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  • I am a Student, how do I sign myself out?

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    According to HISD board policy, no student under 18 years of age may leave campus during school hours for any reason without prior approval in writing or by documented phone call from the student’s parent or guardian. This applies to lunch, extracurricular activities, field trips, and any other activity supervised by campus or district personnel. Such excuses must be approved by the principal or principal’s designee.

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