• Week of 1/22/2020

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 11/23/2020


    * Theme Notes and activities

    * Theme exit ticket (grade)



    * Theme/plot/genre quiz (grade)

    * Reading extended thinking questions (grade)

     * Trip to the library 


    I have received most infographics from students and will have them all graded as soon as possible. If you have not submitted your infographic yet, please do so by Google Classroom or turn it into the late bin in my classroom. 

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  • Week of May 4th

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 5/4/2020

    Our focus for this week will be reading and short story and finding the theme of passage. Your grade for the week will be the analyzing a short story and writing a thematic statement. Please continue to write in your journal 2-5 times a week; you may either do this in the google slides provided in google classroom or your own handwritten journal. Also, be sure you are reading 30 min a day.

    Activities for this week include:

    • ELA weekly check-in survey
    • Notes on Theme
    • Practice activities using Flocabulary
    • *grade* Completing Short Story Analysis of Sometimes a Dream Needs a Push.

    Extensions in Google Classroom include: Theme Collage, Newsela articles

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  • Week of April 27th

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 4/26/2020

    Our focus for this week will be finding the tone and mood of a passage. Your grade for the week will be the analyzing the tone and mood of two songs.  Please continue to write in your journal 2-5 times a week; you may either do this in the google slides provided in google classroom or your own handwritten journal. Also, be sure you are reading 30 min a day.

    Activities for this week include:

    • ELA weekly check-in survey
    • Review notes on Mood and Tone
    • Practice activity identifying tone words and the mood that is created by them in short paragraphs
    • *grade* Completing a Tone/Mood analysis of ‘What a Wonderful World’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’


    Extensions in Google Classroom include: Flip Grid book-talk, Newsela articles, tone/mood analysis of your favorite song. 


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  • Week of April 20th

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 4/19/2020

    This week in ELA you will continue to journal, about your daily life and the news right now, 3- 5 times a week. You should also be reading your independent book for 30 min a day.

     Activities for this week include:

    1. Figurative language pre-test- get an idea of what you need to focus on!
    2. Read, and review figurative language notes and examples
    3. Select and read a short story from the list provided in Google classroom.
    4. After you read, you will complete an organizer with an analysis of the figurative language you found in your short story. ***Weekly Grade***

    There are also numerous extensions activates posted in Google classroom. My office hours are in TEAMS from 1-3 almost daily.  Please join me for at least one 30 min session.

    I will host a Figurative Language Team Tutorial Thursday at 2:30- students can access the link in Google classroom. 

    I will be answering emails and messages throughout the week, but I will be unavailable Saturday & Sunday

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  • Week of April 13th

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 4/12/2020 9:00:00 PM

    This week in English students will continue to read and journal; your graded assignment will be revising the final draft of your persuasive letter.

    Continue to journal 2- 5 times this week. The length is up to you; it can be a three-sentence paragraph or a full page. You should add to your slides, but you do not need to turn this in yet.

    Read for 20 min each day. I recommend keeping track of noteworthy things on a homemade bookmark. Please share book recommendations in the “Book Talk” assignment on google classroom.  Additionally, you may want to check out some of the non-fiction articles I have provided in google classroom.

    Review grammar lesson provided in google classroom, students may also sign into Khan Academy 9using HISD email) for additional grammar lessons and practice.

    *Revise and edit your persuasive letter. Use the notes and checklist provided in google classroom to revise your persuasive letter.  Students should highlight at least three charges they have made in the final draft. (Grade)

    Look for announcements of optional Teams meetings posted in google classroom, times have not yet be determined.

    Please reach out if you have any questions!


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  • Week of April 6th

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 4/6/2020 7:00:00 AM

    Week 2 of Distance Learning 

    Here is what we will be working on this week. I have office hours Mon-Friday 1-3 to answer questions in "near real-time", but feel free to reach out at any time!

    All activities are due Sunday by 8 pm.  Students should create a schedule and start working on assignments when they can. I will be checking in on students if they are not making progress on the assignments for the week. Along with independent reading and writing journal entries, students will be writing a persuasive letter.

    Weekly Check-in – This is a quick check, so I know your thoughts on assignments. Please complete it early in the week, so I can take your input into consideration for next week.

    Independent reading- Students will continue to read 20 min a day independently, they will complete a quick form for accountability.

    Brain-Storm Topic for Persuasive Letter – Students should try to complete this by Wednesday, to prevent procrastination.

    Persuasive Letter Organizer/Outline– This is to help organize thoughts for the assignment, it is not a grade but would be helpful to complete.

    Persuasive Letter Rough Draft- Please turn this in by Sunday Night 8 pm. This is your grade for the week.

    Remember to continue to:

    • Journal about life during this time, about 2- 5 entry’s this week. The length is up to you; it can be a three-sentence paragraph or a full page.  There is nothing to turn in for this yet, please keep up with this ongoing assignment.
    • Check Gradespeed- cycle 5 ends Tuesday! Please reach out if you have any questions or missing work.
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  • Week of March 30th

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 3/29/2020

    This week students will complete the tasks below. I will be available to answer questions in real time from 1-3, Tuesday - Friday (Monday is an HISD holiday).  All work should be completed by Sunday evening. 

    6C ELA week of 3/30/20

    All assignments and detailed instructions are available for students in Google Classroom 


    • Complete Distance Learning Reflection 
    • Create personal daily schedule -Make this on a blank piece of paper, post in a place you see every day  
    • Write 5 journal entries
      • If you have limited computer access this can be done by hand, otherwise it should be done in Google classroom 
    • Read for at least 30 min a day- complete reading response activities 
    • Complete end of week Exit Ticket- this will include one journal entry, one reading response and a reflection on your schedule (GRADE) 


    If you are having trouble accessing Google classroom please email me.


    Intervention students please clink on the link below

     Mrs. May's Reading Intervention Students


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  • Preparing for Distance Learning

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 3/27/2020

    Preparing for Distance Learning 

    I am so thankful that we are able to continue to meet during this time. It will be different, but I am sure we will all grow from these unfortunate circumstances.  

    Before Tuesday all students should do their best to complete the following activities:

    1. Access your HISD email account
    2. Log onto Google Classroom and complete the form posted in the class announcement
    3. Gain access to a book!!! Digital or Print- digital resources are listed on the right side of my blog 

    Please reach out if you encounter any difficulties! Do not stress or panic, we are here to support you! 

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  • Week of March 23rd

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 3/24/2020

    I Hope all of you are well. Teachers are working this week on the details for distance learning. As we plan for next week, it is important that we know what is available to students as far as technology and internet access.  Teachers will be sending out an email regarding technology availability, please respond as quickly as possible.

    English this week:

    • If you have not turned in your short story, do so on google classroom now.
    • Continue reading books you enjoy and journaling. Journaling is a great way to process the things going on around us, and it is a record of events during what will be a historical time.
    • Turn the short story you wrote into a graphic novel. If you are not an artist, go simple with stick figures.
      • If you don’t like graphic novels, write your story from another point of view. 
      • Enjoy the process, this is meant to be a fun enriching assignment!

    Please reach out if you need anything and keep washing your hands! 😊

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  • Spring Break

    Posted by Lydianne Loredo on 3/20/2020

    Just wanted to reach out and say hello!  I hope all of you are doing well and making the best of your spring break. 

    As you have extra time at home, please consider doing the following:


    Read! Digital resources are available if you have run out of books!

    1. Log into HISD hub
    2. Go to digital resources and scroll down to literacy
    3. Check out MackinVIA- digital books, even some with audio!!

    As you read:

    • Record any connections you make to your story
    • Sketch a visualization every chapter or two
    • Share with the people around you what you are reading


    My own children are forgetting what day it is! Take about 20 min each morning to journal. This can be a traditional diary, letter to friend, or even a blog. If you enjoy drawing, consider starting a sketch journal. Just be sure to include the date 😊


    I look forward to seeing you soon, in person or online,

    Mrs. Loredo 




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