• Away From School Week 4: April 13 - 17

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 4/13/2020 9:30:00 AM

    It is hard to imagine that it has been 1 month since the last time we all were at school. 

    Yet, here we are and into the last cycle of the school year. It is quite obvious at this point that the end of the school year will not be the same as other years whether we end it in school or not. The impact of such an absense will be remembered for years to come. 

    We are glad though, to see how responsible and serious our students are about their education. Despite the struggles and challenges, students are still able to complete their assignments. It inspires and gives teachers hope as we also continue to spend long hours with our job and juggle the responsibilities with maintaining a family.

    Whether you are a parent or a student, please have a conversation with your whole family about the importance of responsibility and fullfilling a role and stepping up in a dire situation. 

    Students- you may not think it is a big deal, but just completing your role with school by turning in your assignments on time is a huge help to your family. You may not play a big role in your family but by not causing worry, it will make your parents' job easier during this difficult time. It may sound strange, but tell them today, that you appreciate the hard work they have done to keep you safe and tell them that you want to make things easier on them by not having them worry about your school work. Please do it, your parents will think very highly of you.

    Parents- As much as we would like to think that students are at an age where they should be more responsible, the truth of the matter is that not all students are the same. Some students are able to be responsible at an early age, while others are late bloomers. Both are completely fine and absolutely normal. Be open to them and tell them how difficult it is to work at your job if you have to (or if you had to) worry about their school work. Like I said to the students- it may not seem like much but having a heart to heart conversation will leave a lasting impact on your children.

    The teachers are working many long hours to providing excellent instruction and if you have any questions please email any of us. The fastest way to reach us is between the hours of 1-3PM. That is our "Student/Parent quick response time". Please do not interpret this as the only time we are doing work. We are constantly working and communicating with other teachers from the school throughout the morning with video meetings. We grade hundreds of online assignments and spend hours creating high quality assignments.

    Good luck and keep up the good work 7B!

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  • Away From School Week 3: April 6-10

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 4/3/2020 3:45:00 PM

    With school appearing farther and farther from returning to normal, we in the 7B hallway miss our old way of life as much as you do. 

    We are trying to maintain constant contact with our students and families. Therefore, on all of our Google Classroom assignments, please drop a comment! We would love to hear back from you! If you are bored, you miss us, if you find some things difficult, just let us know in the comment sections. We have to hear from all of you at least once a week and if we do not, we will personally reach out to you in a phone call. 

    Parents and families, if you have questions, please email us first. We are receiving reports that families are going right to administrators whom are very busy. The first line of contact should be the teachers. Throughout the week, we are next to our computers for many hours a day and are readily available to answer your questions. We also have some families that do not have an updated phone or email from the school directory, so please update us on any changes from your preferred method of communication. 

    Some of us are starting to try virtual sessions. Please be patient as we experiment with this process and getting it started. Check out each blog to see who is connecting. We hope to see you sometime!



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  • End of Cycle 5 & Away from School Week 2

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 3/30/2020 10:00:00 AM

    The Pin Oak Middle School staff met up many times last week and have planned many ways to set up learning away from school.

    Starting Tuesday of this week, students can reach us during our office hours of 1PM-3PM. Families can expect a fast response from any of their 4 core teachers. 

    Even though there has been an interrruption of school, the end of Cycle 5 will be on April 9th. If you have any missing assignments that could only be done at school, take care of that issue by emailing your teacher and ask what to do. 

    Check our individual teacher blogs for any updates on their classes throughout the week. 

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  • Away From School Week 1: March 23-27

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 3/24/2020 3:30:00 PM

    Good afternoon 7B families.

    We will start teaching and posting classroom assignments starting Tuesday, March 31st. There are a few things to talk about.

    A) We 7B are dedicated with providing you with learning and have set up a "Working Hours" policy.

    Every weekday from 1PM - 3PM you can email either Ms. Ajdiou, Mr. Caraballo, Ms. Marshall, or Mr. Merz and expect a response within a few minutes.

    B) Before we begin teaching, students are to fill out a "POMS 7B Check-in" Google Form available through Mr. Caraballo's Google Classroom. If you do not fill this form out by Thursday at Noon, 7B teachers will call home to check in ourselves.

    Follow these instructions to access Mr. Caraballo's Google Classroom if you have not already done so:

    1. go to google.com and sign in.
    2. use your student ID S-number and add @online.houstonisd.org. That means it should be something like -->  s1212123@online.houstonisd.org
    3. put in your student password that you use to log in. Like the ones in the school.
    4. click on the 9 little blacksquares at the top right of the google page.
    5. select google classroom and then Mr. Caraballo's science class should show up.

    C) We stress and highly urge families to constantly check the blog on teacher updates for each class. Check back just once a day to see any changes.

    Different classes have different requirements. Where one class may need 1 assignment per week, another class may require 2 assignments per week. Please check the cluster blog frequently for any changes and updates. 

    As information becomes available, or situations may change, we will update it on this blog as well. Good sources for information is from the emails provided by Mrs. Shoulders, our principal. If you would like district updates, the @Houstin ISD Twitter page has up to the second information.

    If you have not already done so, download the Remind application and add Mr. Caraballo's science class for announcements regarding the blog by typing in the class code @dg6993 on the app.

    We will continue to update information and any changes as it becomes available. 

    If you have any questions, feel free to email any of the 7B teachers.

    Ms. Adjiou

    Mr. Caraballo

    Ms. Marshall

    Mr. Merz

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  • March 13th, Friday, School Closure

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 3/12/2020 8:35:00 PM

    School has been cancelled as a precautionary decision amidst safety concerns of the Coronavirus. Classes will resume on Tuesday, March 31st.

    With the sudden notice, please check the blogs at least once a day to make sure you stay up to date with your 7B clusters.

    7B teachers will update their blogs on March 13th by 12:00 noon. It is your responsibility to stay updated with your education.

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  • Friday, February 28th School Cancellation

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 2/27/2020 6:45:00 PM

    Due to a major water main break, school is closed on Friday, February 28th. 

    School will resume on Monday, March 2nd and it will be a Blue Day. Check the core class blogs for updates throughout the weekend to make sure you stay updated. 

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  • Friday, November 22nd, Assembly Charger Day and Thanksgiving

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 11/19/2019 5:00:00 PM

    This Friday, the 22nd of November, will be an assembly charger day. The normal 45 minute classes will be reduced to 35 minute classes with 8th period ending at 2:50.

    Students will attend 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, THEN 6th period with lunch based off of 5th period classes. After 5th period and the lunch based off of it, students will go to 7th period and then 8th. 

    Thanksgiving will be next week and there will be no school on November 25th through November 29th. 

    Have a pleasant and restful Thanksgiving. 

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  • Friday, November 8th Half-Day

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 11/6/2019 5:00:00 PM

    On Friday, November 8th, there will be a Funky Day schedule. This means that only Green Day classes will be active. 

    Please remember to turn in all remaining work since this is the last week of Cycle 2. Next week will begin Cycle 3 and it too, will be 5 weeks long. 

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  • Charger Color Run

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 10/17/2019 6:00:00 PM

    In tomorrow's Color Run event, students will not be going to their normal classes. Instead, since it will be a half day with a major event happening on campus, students will be in their assigned cluster teacher.

    7B will have rotations that will act like a study hall / team time. Students will have their room assignment locations in the hall. All core class teachers have assigned work that will be due when the normal week arrives again.

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  • Cycle 2 Updates and Changes

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 10/1/2019 4:00:00 PM

    The week of September 30th - October 4th is the final week of Cycle 1. Be sure to turn in any missing assignments. Assignments that end up missing will result in the grading system to calculate these grades as if they are a "0" grade. The last day to turn in assignments for Cycle 1 will be October 4th, Friday

    The week of October 7th - 11th will be the first week of Cycle 2 and with cycle 2 there will be a few changes. 7B will be enforcing a stricter behavior policy. Primarily on keeping hallways clean and turning in assignments on time. Expect detentions for these infractions throughout the year. 

    There has also been a shift in the school's scheduling involving classes. Team Time will now be after 5th - before 7th period on Blue Days and after 6th - before 8th period on Green Days. Charger Days have changed as well. 

    (Revised 9/27/19)                       

    BLUE and GREEN Day Schedule



    First Bell



    8:35 – 10:05

    1st/2nd Period



    10:10 – 11:40

    3rd/4th Period




    1st Lunch

    C House

    2nd Lunch

    A House

    3rd Lunch

    B House


    11:45- 12:15


    11:45 – 12:25

    5th/6th Period

    11:45 – 1:15

    5th/6th Period


    12:20 – 1:50

    5th/6th Period

    12:30 – 1:00





    1:05 – 1:50

    5th/6th Period

    1:20 – 1:50


    1:55 – 2:15

    Team Time



    2:20 – 3:50

    7th/8th Period






    Charger Day Schedule


    First Bell




    1st Period



    9:26 – 10:11

    2nd Period



    10:15 – 11:00

    3rd Period



    11:04 – 11:49

    4th Period




    6th Grade

    7th Grade

    8th Grade


    11:53 – 12:23


    11:53 - 12:23

    5th Period

    11:53 – 12:53

    5th Period



    12:27 - 1:23

    5th Period

    12:23 – 12:53



    12:57 – 1:23

    5th Period

    12:53 – 1: 23


    1:27 – 2:12

    6th Period



    2:16 – 3:01

    7th Period



    3:05 – 3:50                                                              

    8th Period




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