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Veteran's Day Presentation Honors Military

by Estrella Cortes and Leslie Sanchez

NOVEMBER 11- Veterans’ Day is a very special day for everyone because a lot of people lost their lives to save a lot of people.

Today November 8 ,2019 , at James DeAnda Elementary school,the teachers planned a very special presentation for eight wonderful veterans that had helped millions of lives in the past. Gary Mailhoit, one of the veterans, said, “This is one of the most important countries because we have liberty and justice for all.’’ He explained that other countries don't let anyone think for themselves. Gary Mailhoit was in the military as a pilot. He was 23 years old and the year was 1974. He retired in the year of 1998.

The first thing that happened was Mr. Veliz ,the music teacher, played a beautiful tune with his guitar. Then Mr.Contreras announced the veterans and gave them an award for their courage. Finally, the music group played the amazing song “America the Beautiful”.

Each grade presented speeches, posters, and even poems. Principal Mailhoit closed the presentation by thanking the veterans once again. These veterans saved many lives and changed the world for many people.