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DeAnda Named Number One Campus

by Dayana Martinez

Nov21-"The Gold Ribbon Award is given by an organization called 'Children at Risk' and it is given to schools who have high academic achievements," says Ms. Mailhoit, our wonderful school principal. The organization gives the award to schools who have good academic accomplishments. DeAnda was ranked number one in the Houston region. 

"It means so much for us to win this award, we have wonderful and hardworking teachers and students," says Ms. Mailhoit. It means so much for our school to win this wonderful and special award.

"Everybody in our office works together to make sure our students get the best education," says Ms. Mailhoit. Teachers want to make sure students get a good education to have a good future.

"This award helps the idea of people recognizing the hard work that we do," says Ms. Mailhoit. A lot of people recognize our hard work our school does, which is why we have won this award and others. 

DeAnda was also recognized as an A+ school, a very big achievement. This award is very special for our school, our school is very hardworking and wonderful people!