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Ms. Wigfall Wins Employee of the Month for HISD

by Camila Barron

Nov. 21-Ms. Wigfall is such a great teacher that her students are don't want to leave the school. This is why she won Employee of the Month for all of HISD on November 20.

 “Last year there wasn't a bus attendant, and without stopping she got on the bus and made sure every kid got home safe,”said Ms.Malhoit, school principal.

“I know that in the past everyone who has needed a class like this hasn't had the opportunity to get it and every day that's my goal,”said our Employee of the Month. Her awesome passion shines bright for her students. 

When she won her prize, all her kids were cheering on for her. “We celebrate by dancing,” said Ms.DeJong. That's exactly what they did when they played “Senorita” .  

“I have been here for 6 years coming on to my 7th,”said Ms.Wigfall, still in shock. She does the small things for her kids to learn by making Play Doh into the form words\letters. “Most of them are in their 5th grade year, which is there last year, so I’ve got to get ready for that,”said Ms. Wigfall said, in tears . This shows that she is not only a great teacher, but a really caring teacher.