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Dress for your Future

WBMS Grizzly students:

Monday, May 23, we will kick off our College and Career week by allowing students to “Dress for your Future”. This means that students can come to school dress as the profession/career they would like to have when they grow up. Teachers will use this as an opportunity for the students to discuss what their attire represents and why they want to pursue this as a career.


Students will need to bring a picture of someone in that job/career they are dressed as. The picture can be cut from a magazine, newspaper, or printed from the computer. Students can also download a picture on their phone and use it to show teachers/administrators. Students will still need to have the appropriate identification (i.e. student ID) on Monday.


If students are not participating in the “Dress for your Future” activity, they are required to wear the standard WBMS dress code. Students cannot wear anything that is prohibited by the HISD Dress Code policy.

Students cannot wear anything that is outside of the HISD dress code according to the student code of conduct. This means

  • no pajamas or tank tops.
  • Shirts and tops need to be of appropriate length to ensure coverage of the midriff when arms are lifted over your head.
  • Students need to have close toed shoes with a secure back. This means no flip flops, slides, or sandals.
  • Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
  • no T-shirts with guns, drugs, or inappropriate language of any kind is PERMITTED.
  • Students may not wear leggings or ripped jeans.

Students will be sent home or placed in ISS for inappropriate dress at the discretion of the campus administration team.