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HISD National School Meal

Dear Parents:

Did you know your child might be eligible to receive free benefits and services? By completing the HISD National School Meal application your child may qualify for free or reduced price school meals and other benefits including reduced school fees. Children who eat healthy, nutritious meals daily are more likely to succeed in the classroom. HISD offers healthy breakfast, lunch, and after-school snacks every school day.

So here's what to do!
1. Complete a meal application form available from your campus and return it to your school's office as soon as possible. Or, for faster processing, online applications can be completed at After processing the application, you will benotified by mail of your child's eligibility for free or reduced price school meals.

Reminder: If your student is new or was not eligible for free or reduced price meals to the end of the previous school year (2077-2072), you must pay for meals until your student's application has been approved for the new school year.

2. If your child is approved for free or reduced meals, please contact your school to learn more about other possible benefits including:

  • after school tutorials
  • supplementaleducational materials
  • college preparatory tours
  • fee waivers for the college tests (ACT & SAT)
  • fee waivers for university entrance exams and applications
  • college scholarships and financial aid