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Burbank Karate Kids Champs!

Mr. White and his outstanding KickStartKids Karate Team have done it again!  For the fifth consecutive year, our Demo Team has been victorious in the World Championship Competition which is held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our karate students work on their skills in the afternoons during the year as well as in a karate camp during the month of June. The Las Vegas Tournament is a worldwide competition, so they know that to be competitive and have an opportunity to win they have to be at the top of their game.
Our outstanding students are motivated by the dedication and knowledge of their sensei Mr. Roy White and his KickStartKids staff. Our students also enjoy the unwavering support of their parents and together they work during the year raising the money to be able to attend the competition. Our school teachers and administration do everything they can to encourage the team, and they have succeeded! These are the honors:

1st Place Fighting (4 times)

1st Place Weapon Kata (4 times)

1st Place Kata (twice)

1st Place Traditional Kata

1st Place Open Kata

The Norris Cup 
Karate Honors  
 Congratulations to Mr. White and our Oustanding KickStartKarate Demo Team! Our Eagles Soar High! For more information, please click here.
UFAF Champs