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"Las Aguilas de Oro" Perform at Sam Houston MTSC





Last Friday morning, April 29, 2022, Burbank Middle School's Folkloric Dance Troupe "Las Aguilas de Oro" performed at Sam Houston Math, Science, and Technology Center. They were holding their monthly "Coffee with the Principal" meeting with their parents and we had been invited to perform for them. The meeting was being held in one of the performance halls in their brand-new facilities, and this was just the second time that our dance troupe had performed there after their inauguration. 


Las Aguilas de Oro perform

Las Aguilas de Oro perform for the parents at Sam Houston MTSC

Our "Las Aguilas de Oro" danced three numbers: "Canción de la Morena", "El Carretero se Va", and "El Cascabel". Our Vanguard Coordinator, Ms. Amanda Vasquez, sang "El Cascabel" as our students were dancing.

Las Aguilas de Oro

Las Aguilas de Oro accompanied by Ms. Vasquez, back row on the right.

"Las Aguilas de Oro" were accompanied by their director Dr. Velasquez, as well as Mrs. Rodarte and Ms. Ledesma. Judging by the wonderful reception our students received, everyone at the meeting in Sam Houston enjoyed the performance just as much as our students enjoyed performing. We would like to thank Ms. Hermelinda Cazares of Sam Houston Math, Science, and Technology Center for inviting us to their campus. Hopefully, as the world returns to normalcy, there will continue to be other opportunities such as this one for our students to perform.