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"Las Aguilas de Oro" Receive a Grant!

"Las Aguilas de Oro" Receive a Grant!

Las Aguilas de Oro

Dr. Mary Velasquez received excellent news today! Our folkloric dance troupe, "Las Aguilas de Oro", has been favored with a grant in the amount of $2,770. 


Our folkloric troupe has a long tradition in our community, celebrating their 35th anniversary this year. More than fifty students participate each year, making it necessary to acquire many skirts, pants, guayaberas, and shoes among other things. Over the years, Dr. Velasquez has been able to collect many costumes through fundraisers and donations, but it's always necessary to refresh, refurbish, and replace costumes. Our Wraparound Specialist Ms. Xiomara Ardon remarked to Dr. Velasquez that it would be possible to obtain a grant through the intervention of Avenue CDC. Dr. Velasquez applied for the grant, and this is, in part, what Ms. Claudia Sanchez, Director of Community Initiatives, responded:


" I am pleased to inform you that Avenue, on behalf of the Accountable Communities for Health- ACH Team is providing Las Aguilas de Oro with funding for their Early Action Project in the Greater Northside. We have agreed to fund your project in the amount of $2,770.00 per your application. Early Action Projects are designed to support efforts and initiatives in the Greater Northside community."


We are delighted and grateful that Avenue CDC on behalf of the Accountable Communities for Health- ACH has favored us with a positive reply. Through their generous donation, our folkloric dance troupe will be able to purchase much needed shoes, skirts, and pants. We hope than Ms. Sanchez, as well as the rest of the good people at Avenue CDC and the Accountable Communities for Health-ACH Team, will honor us with their presence and be our Very Important Guests during our Cinco de Mayo Celebration, which will be held in the school auditorium on May 27, 2022.