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KickStart Kids Fall Qualifier Results!

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Demo Team 2022

On Saturday, November 12, 2022, our Burbank Middle School's KickStart Kids Karate students traveled to Manvel, Texas, to take part in the Region 1 Fall Qualifier Tournament, accompanied by their sensei, Master Mark Beel. There are two tournaments where students can participate, a Fall Qualifier in November, and the Spring Qualifier on February 18, 2023.

For this Fall Qualifier, our team was made up of 11 karate students who competed to earn a spot in the Regional Tournament which will take place next March. These were the students participating:

David Gonzalez, Adriana Flores, Samuel Lerma, Giovanni Martinez, Elsy Lopez, Eder Castillo, Brandon Reyes, Ariany Chevez, Yaret Zamora, Yaretzi Andres Benito, and Xavier Torres. 

Master Beel reported these results:


Fall Qualifier at Manvel High School

We had our KickStart qualifier tournament this past weekend and a group of Burbank students represented us well. Please help me with congratulating the following students:


Yaret Zamora 3rd place in Sparring

Giovanni Martinez 3rd place in Sparring

Brandon Reyes 3rd place in forms

Elsy Lopez 2nd place in sparring & 3rd place in forms

Xavier Torres 3rd place in sparring and forms


High school students from Burbank:

Reina Rodrigues 1st place in weapons forms & 2nd place in sparring

Andrea Bustillo 3rd place in forms

Isaac Arzapala 1st in forms

Jose Gonzales 3rd in sparring


All these divisions have over 15 students competing per division, making this a tough competition. All our students did very well, and I am very proud of all our students who placed and qualified to participate in the Regional Competition next spring! 



Master Beel

KickStart Kids

Burbank Middle School