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Math activity table



Burbank Middle School has a tradition of sponsoring Family Nights full of fun and interesting activities for the whole family. This year, we restarted our tradition by hosting the First Annual Academic Night. The English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science Departments pooled resources to create a fun learning environment for the whole family!

KickStart Kids performing

Our KickStart Kids Karate Demo Team performed for our guests, and there were activity tables in math, science, and reading. There were games, prizes, and concessions stands. The cafeteria, the gym, and the first floor halls were filled with exciting and fun things to do and see.   

Language Arts Fun

This year we also restarted our "One Semester, One Book" initiative, where each student at Burbank is given a copy of a selected book to read and discuss in class. This year's selection is The Mechanical Mind of John Coggin, by Elinor Teele. It is described as a "quirky, humorous, whimsical, and heartwarming" story about "two siblings who run away from home to escape working in the family coffin business."  Ms. Teele joined us virtually during the evening. 

Turkey Dinner Raffle

Towards the end of the activity, there was a Turkey Dinner Thanksgiving Raffle, where five of our attending families were able to go home with a turkey along with all the trimmings for a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner.


We were tired but delighted to have hosted one of our Family Nights once again. We hope that you will join us for our next one next semester!

Burbanks Teachers and Staff