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EAGLEBOTS Advance to the Regional Qualifier FLL Tournament

FLL Teams


They Earned a Spot in the Qualifier!

Burbank Middle School's resourceful robotics team participated in the FLL Tournament that was held on Saturday, January 20, 2024, at Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. They were accompanied on this adventure by Ms. Dulce Mancillas and Ms. Lucero Rodarte. Dr. Vitela was not able to be with them in person for this tournament, but she was there with them in spirit!

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, or FIRST, is an international youth organization that operates several competitions, including this one. FIRST LEGO LEAGUE or FLL, is the junior branch that starts the exploration of STEM subjects in middle school, encouraging students to engage in science and engineering through robotics in an environment of fun and friendly competition. Our FLL Team is the Eaglebots, and its members had been preparing for this event for several weeks, staying after school to design, build, and program their robot. The FLL tournament entails many aspects, because teams are judged not only for robot performance, but for design, innovation, core values, and overall excellence. 

During the competition

These are some of the awards:

Breakthrough Award – The team who wins this award shows that they understand the importance of the process of discovery.

Rising All Star Award – The judges recognize these teams as having great potential for the future. 

Motivate Award – Through their team building, spirit, and enthusiasm, these teams show that they embrace the culture of FIRST Lego League. 

Lumberjacks Honorable Mention – These teams are recognized for their special accomplishments in a given season. 

Planning the strategy

The following are the competitive awards. To earn any of these, the teams have to run their robots through their paces in a specially designed area and have them perform predetermined missions within a specified time limit. As teams work, they are judged by how well they work together and by the robot design as well as its performance.

These were the results:


  • 3rd place Team 55116 Unibot
  • 2nd place Team 55023 MH Titans
  • 1st place Team 57075 The Dominators


  • 3rd place Team 13033 Eaglebots
  • 2nd place Team 55023 MH Titans
  • 1st place Team 57752 Team Chefs


  • 3rd place Team 59555 ACS Arcaders
  • 2nd place Team Robot Rangers
  • 1st place Team 55116 Unibot


  • 3rd place Team 13033 Eaglebots
  • 2nd place Team 57075 The Dominators
  • 1st place team 59588 Astrobots

CHAMPIONS AWARD – These teams were consistent in all 3 judged areas and did well in game play

  • 3rd place Team 55023 MH Titans
  • 2nd place Team 13033 Eaglebots
  • 1st place Team 59588 Astrobots

THE GOLDEN TICKET  These teams will be invited to participate in the regional qualifier on February 17, 2024. 

The advancing teams are:

  • ACS Arcaders #59555
  • Astrobots #59588
  • Eaglebots #13033
  • MH Titans #55023
  • Unibot #55116


To see a copy of the certificates our Eaglebots earned, please click FLL Tournament Certificates

Many thanks to Austin State University in Nacogdoches who were such excellent hosts for the competition. Very special thanks go to Ms. Corina Rivera, who is the K-12 Outreach Coordinator at Stephen F. Austin State University, STEM Research and Learning Center, and who was so gracious to provide us with all the names of the winners.

Congratulations to our Eaglebots on their awesome achievement!