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Organizing the cans

Luther Burbank's Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society carried out a community project during November and December 2023. The National Association of Secondary School Principals or NASSP, recognized Burbank's Chapter for a job well done. This is the notice that the chapter adviser, Ms. Mancillas, received on February 6, 2024:

Congratulations! The project you submitted has been approved and published to the National Student Project Database.

Project ID:



Custodian Appreciation-Food Drive

The project's goal was to collect canned goods and food to make holiday boxes for Burbank's six custodians. The members wanted to show their sincere appreciation for all the hard work our custodians put in to keep our school clean and inviting.

Burbank's NJHS members collected a lot of canned items, sorted them, and checked for expired cans. Once the items were sorted, they were divided into groups that provided an assortment of things that could be used to prepare a holiday meal. Then they placed the items in boxes which were decorated for the holidays. Each custodian received a holiday box on the day before the winter break. This was the NJHS members' way of thanking them and showing their gratitude for all they do for our campus and the students. 

Custodians and the NJHS members

In addition to the group feeling very satisfied with the results, they also learned from their experience. They have stated that they would have wanted more students to get involved, and to that effect, they decided on advertising more effectively in the future. 

Our custodians loved their boxes and were very happy that someone, especially students, thought of them during the holidays. The NJHS members said that they truly enjoyed giving back to people that do so much for them.

Congratulations to our NJHS Chapter and their adviser Ms. Dulce Mancillas, on receiving this national recognition!

Ms Mancillas the custodians and the NJHS members