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OnTrack PD Toolkit


The following PD documents were referenced during OnTrack Training of Trainer PD courses. These documents provide your campus with helpful customizable presentation materials. Use them to rapidly plan, present, and prepare your teachers on your three campus formative assessment and OnTrack goals and related expectations.

Campus OnTrack Pre-service PD Toolkit Instructions




  1. Download the OnTrack Campus Plan, pick three campus goals and expectations for OnTrack and formative assessments with campus leadership.
  2. Download and customize the OnTrack Goals Flyer to share later your personalized goals and expectations with teachers and staff.
  3. Don't forget to submit your OnTrack Campus Plan to Student Assessment for stipend consideration (See submission instructions in document).
  4. Online PD Options are available for OnTrack from OneSource - Online courses may be used in lieu of face-to-face PD.  Campuses will assign faculty online courses based on campus goals and indicate the assigned courses on their campus plan. Please verify online course completion. These courses are also ideal for staff who can't attend PD, need further PD, or have a specific topic of interest. 




  1. Download the OnTrack Facilitators Guide and prioritize it with your chosen goals and details.
  2. Download the OnTrack PD PowerPoint Template, customize it with your chosen campus goals and details.
  3. Download OnTrack PD Agenda and pick dates and times for teachers to attend one or more OnTrack sessions. Customize your agenda to match your presentation, include dates, room location, times, laptop requirements, etc.
  4. Practice your customized presentation and test your equipment (designed for a half-day PD session) - See OnTrack Facilitator Guide.




  1. Download OnTrack PD Blank Sign-in Sheet for you to use to give PD credit to your teachers. (Email the completed sheets to Student Assessment to award credit to attendees.)
  2. Print copies of the Participants Guide document to use during PD. This document is used with the presentation's AirTight Activity video, "What is Formative Assessment?". (If included in your customized presentation)
  3. Printing Onboarding Flyer for teacher mailbox and send by email.
  4. Test the audio volume and video playback on your presenting PC in your location the day prior to ensure a flawless session.


 Online PD (Links to OneSource)

  • Navigation Basics (OneSource 442001) - an introduction to the new system.
    • Learn how to access OnTrack, navigate the web site, and customize your web page.
  • Fundamental Skills (OneSource 443001) - an overview of fundamental assessment tasks.
    • Learn how to find assessments, print answer sheets, and verify student rosters.
  • Scoring Rubrics (OneSource 565001) 
    • Learn how to score rubric items for assessments that include them.
  • Benchmark Running Record (BRR) Entry (OneSource 565003)
    • Learn how to enter literacy records used with Benchmark Running Records.
    • Find out more about Benchmark Running Records at
  • Creating Answer Key Only (AKO) Assessments (OneSource 597001)
    • Learn how to create and edit Answer Key Only assessments for classroom or campus use.