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To scan paper answer sheets, install HP OnTrack scan to your computer. The software is available to install from Software Center. This video and task card will walk you through the steps to install the software onto your workstation. If you don’t already have a scanner/drivers installed, use the video instructions to show you where to find the scanner drivers that will allow your computer to use the scanner hardware.




Scanning Features



Once you’ve installed and configured your scanning software, use this video to demonstrate how to use the scanning features to bulk scan, review errors, edit answers, and review data quality as you scan student answer sheets into the system.




Use this document to provide you with a vendor contact and official quotes for different supported HP ScanJet models.




Verify Scan Configuration



Use this document to print demonstration answer sheets to scan with HISD OnTrack Scan software. This process will help verify your scanning software and hardware are successfully installed and configured prior to your first test administration. 





Older scanners will eventually jam, misfeed, and/or capture contaminated images due to accumulated dirt, fiber, and grime. Use this video to demonstrate how to effectively clean your scanner using available products at your campus.



Printing Answersheets

To print out answer sheets for an existing assessment, use this Task Card to assist with giving a paper test.