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What happens to my state leave when I retire?

1. Balance of state personal and state sick leave as of August 31, 2009; and
2. The balance of state personal leave that has been transferred into the attendance incentive bank (i.e. if you had perfect attendance during the school year, 5 days transferred into the attendance incentive bank). The matrix  below provides general information on the "transfer of days" process. The attendance incentive bank transfers are computed each school year, beginning with the 2009-2010 school year.
(Local and State)
Days Eligible for Transfer into the
Attendance Incentive Bank
1 4
2 3
 3  2
 4  1
 5  0


If eligible for leave payout, payment is processed approximately two months after your final paycheck.  Questions concerning your leave payouts from HISD and/or your usage of that leave should be answered by Human Resources and Payroll. Human Resources administers leave and Payroll calculates and distributes the payout. HR has launched the Employee Self-Service feature through PeopleSoft which gives you your leave balances. For questions regarding the “Incentive Retirement Bank” please contact HR Customer Service at 713-556-7383.


Hours are a combination of State Sick Leave and State Personal Leave available for payout at retirement as of the end of the previous school year. Total hours eligible for payout could change based on use of state sick and personal leave during the current school year.