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How do I contribute a day into the SSLB?

Submission of your Supplemental Sick Leave Bank (SSLB) enrollment form authorizes the Benefits department to enroll you in the SSLB program and deduct one local personal leave day for membership. Employees are only allowed to enroll into the SSLB program during one of the designated enrollment periods. The enrollment periods are held throughout the year and include the following:
  1. Open Enrollment - held around the beginning of each school year in late August through early September. Employees are able to enroll or terminate their membership for the current SSLB plan year.
  2. Benefits Concurrent Enrollment -  held concurrently with the Health Benefits Enrollment Period, usually in late October or early November. Employees may only enroll for the remainder of the current SSLB plan year during this enrollment period; they may not terminate their enrollment during this enrollment period. 
  3. Pre-Enrollment - held at the end of the school year, usually in late May. Employees may enroll or terminate their membership for the following SSLB plan year. 
Employees must submit the correct form during the correct enrollment period. Old enrollment forms from other enrollment periods will not be accepted.