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School Choice 2024-2025

HISD is an open enrollment district where a family can apply to any school in the district that meets a student’s needs. The School Choice process allows families to choose among hundreds of neighborhood and specialty school options in a single application.

Who should apply?

Students interested in attending a school that is not their zoned school for the first time should apply.  • Exception: Students must apply to their zoned school to access a “school within a school” magnet program for the first time if applicable. All students must apply to Cullen Military Academy.  


Who does not need to apply?

Students who want to attend their zoned school do NOT need to apply unless they are applying for the first time to a magnet within their school. Additionally, students who obtained a spot at their campus in previous years do not need to reapply; they will be automatically enrolled in the next grade.  • Exception: Current PreK4 students who are currently attending their non-zoned school, and would like to stay at that non-zoned school for Kindergarten, must apply.


Most Important Dates  

• 1/18: Application opens. Parents rank up to 10 choices in the application. To be considered in the lottery, applications must be submitted before application closes. Date of application does not influence result as long as choices are submitted before application close.  

• 2/23: Application closes.  All rankings and required documents must be submitted.

• 3/26: Parent Notification Day. Families offered one seat based on lottery results.

 • 4/9: Deadline for families to accept seat offered in Phase I

Deadlines  • Starting 3/26, parents will be able to apply for schools with space available. They will also be able to add themselves to a waitlist if a school is full.