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Welcome Back US Dream Academy

  • Dream Academy Houston is an extension of the US Dream Academy. Started by world-renowned vocal artist, pastor and educational activist, Wintley Phipps, the academy seeks to instill the desire to dream in every child using an innovative approach to afterschool programming. The programming is a combination of literacy-based mentorship and community development services for those at-risk of and affected by incarceration. Phipps has been awarded the Philanthropist of the Year Award from The National Center for Black Philanthropy and holds recognition for the organization’s model from Oprah Winfrey and The National Mentoring Partnership. He started the US Dream Academy with one central operation. Today the organization hosts programming in eight states. Here locally, Dream Academy Houston partners with more than 15 public and private health improvement agencies, helping to maintain the network of care that 77021 requires. The program has transitioned hundreds of children through the Dream Academy match process, helping families to acquaint themselves with culturally sensitive successive learning engagement. With research-based benchmarks, the organization is ready to expand so that they can host an additional location in Houston by Fall 2019. They are seeking mentors who are looking to pledge to a longterm commitment for the more than 200 youth served. Centering the Family Congratulations to the US Dream Academy’s Mentor of the Year, Lauren Harris! She received her award, sponsored by Southwest Airlines, at the 18th Annual Power of a Dream Gala. Lauren first learned about US Dream Academy in 2015 through the Collegiate 100 organization at the University of Houston. One day when visiting the Learning Center, she saw all of the children interacting, playing, and doing homework, except for this one girl. She asked the DreamKids who was at her table why she was sad, and they said it was because she didn’t make the basketball team. She sat down beside her and shared with her about a time that she didn’t make her school’s dance team, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing other activities that she found out that she was good at (like track & field). Then she started telling a few jokes to cheer her Lauren & Jasmine’s Story Jasmine & Lauren Harris up. Jasmine then sat up and asked her, “...will you be my mentor?” Lauren became so excited and said “SURE!!” So after properly going through the pairing and matching process, she officially became her mentor. Lauren would like to thank everyone who donated to her campaign to bring Jasmine & her grandmother to the Gala in Washington, D.C. For more information about responsibilities and Mentor Orientation, visit and/or contact Walter Hull, Mentor Coordinator, at, or Dipen Bhakta, Center Director, at
Attached is the newsletter which also has many other great things about the community we serve. 
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