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IMC Visit Commendations

Commendations - May 10, 2019

The IMC OnSite Team Commends the following:

1. The campus grounds at Garden Oaks have peaceful and calm natural spaces that
contribute to an environment of respect and appreciation for each other and for
their surroundings which are in alignment with Montessori philosophy.

2. Dr. Pollock continues to be visionary in leading the transformation of Garden
Oaks. Her passionate dedication to the children permeates the culture of the
school. This continuity of leadership has supported the transformation of the
school from a “school within a school” to a 100% dedicated Montessori School.

3. Middle school scheduling of core content areas later in the day meets the needs
and tendencies of adolescents.

4. Parents are enthusiastic, supportive, and love the teachers and the program.

5. The PTO and the Friends of Montessori (FOM) are tremendously supportive of
Montessori practice and principles as well as contribute to the financial well-being
of the school.