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GOMM Recognizes Black History Month

This week marked the beginning of our Black History Month recognition on campus. While February is important because it provides a fresh reminder of the importance of Black history, we also know that Black history is American history. Here is just a sampling of the ways that we are recognizing Black history this month:


  • Students in Mr. Clayborne's music classes are busy preparing for the Black History Month performance at the end of the month.
  • Individual classroom teachers are extending their Montessori cultural studies to place a greater emphasis on Black history through read-alouds, biographies, poetry studies, and projects.
  • Bulletin boards on campus have a Black History focus. For example, Ms. White's class (LE) decorated one of our bulletin board with meaningful quotes from important figures in Black history. Ms. Thomas' class (UE) highlighted Black historical figures on their class' bulletin board.
  • Children's House classrooms have each selected a Black historical figure for a class project. One example: Ms. Wiggins' class learned about the inventor of the stoplight, Garett Morgan. See photo below!
  • Each day, students are learning about influential Black Americans through the morning and afternoon announcements. For instance, yesterday students learned about Rosalind Brewer, who is one of the first Black women to lead a Fortune 500 company.




Ms. Sebba