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Tardy Policy & Procedures

Tardy Policy

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Tardy Policy & Procedures
An effective tardy policy is essential in establishing and sustaining an orderly learning environment.


Tardy to Class

Students are expected to be in class and ready to begin work when the class tardy bell sounds.

Closed/Lock-out Door Policy

This means doors are closed when the bell rings. The closed-door policy is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Establish and enforce clear, consistent expectations for students.
  • Minimize classroom interruptions for students who have shown up on time and are prepared for class.
  • Keeping teachers from having to choose whether to spend instructional time reprimanding tardy students.


  1. Once the tardy bell has sounded, teachers are instructed to close and lock their classroom doors and begin teaching. After 3 minutes, teachers will reopen their classroom doors following the NES model.


  1. Attendance is recorded at the 30-minute mark for EVERY period. (Except ADA period-Attendance is taken at 10:30 am daily).
      • Students arriving between 1 and 29 minutes after class has started are considered tardy. Students must sign the teacher’s monitored tardy log.
      • Students arriving to class 30+ minutes after class has started are considered absent for that class period.


  1. All late students must report to the floor-level tardy station to have their tardiness documented. The hall monitor will be responsible for issuing an official “WHEATLEY TARDY PASS”.  If the student does not have an official “WHEATLEY TARDY PASS,” he/she should not be admitted to class.


  1. It is the responsibility of the Attendance Clerk to update the students’ attendance from unexcused absence to tardy or unexcused tardy in PowerSchool. The Attendance Clerk will do this by checking the Tardy List daily and cross-referencing the attendance submitted by teachers in PowerSchool. The Attendance clerk will verify that all attendance updates are made daily. Additionally, the Attendance Clerk will run an attendance report at THE END OF EACH DAY to check for excessive unexcused tardies and absences and will report the findings to the building principal.



Tardy to School

Students are expected to report to school on time and ready to learn.


    • Any student who enters the building after 8:30 AM is considered tardy to school.
    • Any student who arrives to class 30+ minutes late is considered absent from that class.
    • 3 absences are equivalent to an NG (No Grade). This signifies that the student will not receive a grade or the corresponding credits for the classes in which he/she has missed due to the absences.



All students who report to school after 8:30 AM adhere to the following procedures to be admitted to class:

  1. If a student is late, he/she should sign in with the ATTENDANCE CLERK who will mark them tardy.
  2. The Attendance Clerk will enter the student into the TARDY LIST and issue the student a pass to report to class.
  3. The Attendance Clerk will update students who are “tardy to school” from unexcused absence to tardy or unexcused tardy in PowerSchool.



Discipline Cycle for Tardies

    • 1st tardy: Warning
    • 2nd tardy: Assigned 30-minute Lunch Detention and Parent Contact
    • 3rd tardy: Assigned 1-hour After-School Detention and Parent Contact
    • 4th tardy: 1-day ISS and In-Person Parent Conference
    • 5th tardy: Saturday School (9 am-12 pm) and In-Person Parent Conference
    • 6th tardy: Parent/Guardian Shadow (Parent/Guardian accompanies student all day)


Any student who misses the previous consequence will automatically move to the next. The Tardy Policy and consequences will reset each grading cycle.