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Baylor College of Medicine Doctors’ Day Outreach

 Baylor College of Medicine Doctors’ Day Outreach

Baylor College of Medicine Doctors’ Day Outreach

On Wednesday, Jones Futures Academy Health Science Program hosted the Baylor College of Medicine, Doctors’ Day Outreach.  A team of 7 Doctors from Baylor College of Medicine volunteered their time to speak to the 9th and 10 grade Health Science students.  The Doctors’ specialties included Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Endocrinology, Anesthesiology, Nephrology and Gene Therapy.  The students met with the Doctors in small groups to ask questions and to hear the Doctors share their personal stories about challenges they overcame to be where they are today.  Additionally, the Doctors talked about how to prepare for college and a career in medicine.  The Doctors shared information, through a power point presentation, on the disparity in the healthcare workforce and other disparities in healthcare.  Then the Doctors explained how they need the students to prepare so they can fill the gap in healthcare.  The students were encouraged to participate in the upcoming Baylor College of Medicine Saturday Morning Science Program.  Special thanks to the Baylor College of Medicine Doctors’ Day Outreach Team:

·       Dr. Jim Phillips, Baylor College of Medicine, Senior Associate Dean, Professor of Pediatrics, Office of Diversity & Community Outreach – Coordinator of Doctors’ Day Outreach

·          Dr. Biruh Workeneh

·          Dr. Kathy Hwu

·          Dr. Chanel Granville Teamer

·          Dr. K. Marche’ Robinson

·          Dr. Kwasi Mensah

·          Dr. Patricia Yotnda