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National Association of Hispanic Nurses Seminar, “All About Your Heart”

Health Science students attended the National Association of Hispanic Nurses’ Seminar, “All About Your Heart.”  The seminar focused on the roles and responsibilities of health care workers, community health outcome and nursing leadership roles.  Seminar topics presented included:  “Quality, the Heart of Cardiac Care”, “The Perils of Cancer Therapy on the Heart: What Nurses Need to Know”, and “Children with Congenital Heart Disease: What a Nurse Needs to Know.”  Students qualified to attend the seminar by writing an essay entitled, “What is the Difference Between Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation” as part of their Health Science Medical Terminology course.  The 15 selected students to attend the seminar received Certificates for Outstanding Achievement and membership to the Students Association an affiliate of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses Houston.