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HISD @H.O.M.E. Resources

Accessing H.I.S.D. Student Email

How to Access Teams for Students

Accessing Microsoft Office 365 - One Drive & Email 


If you receive a Microsoft Teams Online Meeting invite use these instructions to connect:

Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting Online


How to Access the HUB (English)

How to Access the HUB (Spanish)


Access the full library of Digital Resources from HISD

You can access the full library of HISD Digital Resources your child has access to, by visiting:

To login:

Username: student\s#######
(# is your child’s student ID number)
Please make sure to use the backslash not the forward-slash when typing the username.

Password: XXXXXXXX
(X is your child’s birth date MMDDYYYY)

For example: 
Username: student\s1234567

Password: 01072008 
(If birthday is January 7, 2008)


Online Resources

itslearning support

Ready Rosie



Be a good Digital Citizen

As we transition more and more of our learning into a digital environment it will become more and more important that we all be good digital citizens. Be sure to do your part by remembering these basic principles:

  • Be thoughtful with what you post and share online
  • Don't share personal or private information
  • Be kind to others
  • When in doubt, ask for help from a trusted adult like a parent or teacher

Staying Engaged

It can be challenging to stay engaged when learning from home. With distractions like family, friends, TV, and even pets around, you can easily lose track of school work. Do your best to establish a schedule and set up times for deep focus and learning. If you are having a hard time, or you just can't focus one morning, don't stress out. The best thing you can do in this situation is not to give up.