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Contact: 713-556-6000

SchoolMessenger is an automated call-out system that lets principals send reminders to parents about early dismissal days, upcoming deadlines, book fairs, and other non-urgent campus-related news via phone or text. (For urgent or crisis-related call-outs, please visit this section.)

The HISD Information Center works closely with the schools offices and SchoolMessenger representatives to ensure that all campus principals and their approved users have training and access to site-based SchoolMessenger accounts.

Information Center representatives also provide ongoing support to schools by blocking erroneous numbers, notifying campus registrars of incorrect student and employee data entries, creating special contact groups, and assisting with other programmatic needs.

Principals can use the contacts listed above to request activation of approved campus user accounts. SchoolMessenger also provides 24-hour support at 800-920-3897 and

The public may call 713-556-8949, the caller ID associated with the program, to have numbers blocked.