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Instructions for Day 1 of Face-To-Face Instruction


CLICK HERE to download our campus map with entry point instructions.


Please see the attached PDF for instructions on how to enter the Tanglewood campus next week for face-to-face instruction. All families must follow these directions exactly (NO EXCEPTIONS). Also, please remember the following:


1)  ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR A MASK THAT COVERS THE MOUTH AND NOSE AT ALL TIMES ONCE THEY SET FOOT ON CAMPUS — NO EXCEPTIONS. (Masks may only be removed for eating breakfast and lunch in designated areas under adult supervision.)


2)  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE DROPPED OFF BEFORE 8:15 AM — NO EXCEPTIONS. There will not be anyone on campus to supervise students before 8:15 AM, and ensure social distancing and mask wearing.


3)  Students will enter the school building based on their grade (6-7-8) and World (Innovation or Sustainability). Please see the attached map for details. If students have Mr. Maldonado on their schedule they are in Innovation World; if they have Ms. Phillips on their schedule they are in Sustainability World.


4)  Majority rules in the carpool vehicle. For example, if you have two 6th graders, one 7th grader, and one 8th grader in the car, then ALL students are to enter the campus at the 6th grade drop off point. Once on campus, students will enter the school building at their designated grade and world location. ONCE ON CAMPUS, STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO SOCIAL DISTANCE AT ALL TIMES — NO EXCEPTIONS. (No hugging, hand-shaking, fist-bumping, high-fiving, etc.)


5)  When students enter the building, they will have their temperature checked by a touchless thermometer. They will also be given a map of the campus (on day one). Students running a temperature of 100 degrees F or higher will be sent to the nurse for evaluation. This map must be kept, as it will also contain bathroom passes for students to use.


6)  Students will pick up breakfast (if they want) at their point-of-entry and proceed immediately to their first period class. Please check and remember the room number of your first period class prior to arriving on campus. Teachers will also be in the hallways to help.


7)  Dismissal is 4:00 PM. Please be on time to pick up your child. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ON CAMPUS AFTER 4:15 PM, UNLESS THEY ARE ENROLLED IN THE AFTER-3 PROGRAM. You will pick up your child at the same place you dropped them off that morning.


Have a great weekend! We are excited to see our face-to-face students next week! It's going to be an awesome year!