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Four lucky Saturday Tutorial participants win BIG prizes!

Since October 2021, we have been giving out points to students who have diligently participated in intervention classes every Saturday, competed in multiple UIL events, and have written about the books they have read and logged them on OneNote. Students who have accumulated at least 1,000 points from October 2021 to May, 2022 will have a chance to win a Nintendo Switch, a Chromebook, or a bicycle. For consolation prizes, we will be giving away loot bags of school supplies and other goodies. The raffle draw will be held at the Main Office on June 17th at 4:00 PM. Seniors who have graduated by then will be called to pick up their prizes. Names of students and the points they have earned will be published in the Liberty High School Newsletter. Contact Ms. Verenice Reyes or Mr. Mario Ibao (7134585555) if you have any questions. 

Mario Marlon Ibao
713 458 5555 (loc 324103)