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Liberty HS Making Great Strides in UIL Competitions

In previous years, Liberty HS has proven that English Learners can compete and win in UIL competitions against English-only students. For several years, our UIL competitors brought home an assortment of medals and trophies that gave the school so much honor and pride. The pandemic of 2020-2021 slowed us down, but this year, through the dedicated sponsorship of Mr. Priyang Sandhe, our UIL Team has accelerated our rise to UIL glory yet again. On March 26th of this year, quite a few of our students earned top places in district eliminations, namely:

  • Calculator Applications - Melvin Guevara (1st), Angie Fletes (2nd), Gabriela Ramirez (3rd) - the school won the TEAM TROPHY for this category
  • Computer Applications - Lance Siangco (1st)
  • Feature Writing - Lance Siangco (1st)
  • Informative Speaking (Lance Siangco (2nd), Shalom Tefera (3rd), Helen Arif (4th)
  • Number Sense - Mevin Guevara (4th), Shalom Tefera (5th), Wilber Melara (6th)
  • Persuasive Speaking - Nathalia Estrada (1st), Wilber Melara (5th), Gabriela Ramirez (6th)
  • Ready Writing - Nathalia Estrada (5th)
  • Science - Vanessa Recinos (2nd), Melvin Guevara (4th), Angie Fletes (5th)
  • Computer Science Java Programming - LHS team advanced to the Regional Finals

On April 5th, our courageous and confident UIL competitors battled it out against experienced UIL contestants from across Texas' Region 4. Although they ultimately lost in their respective events, the experience they have gained and the characters they have built from taking enormous risks will surely last them a lifetime. Great job, Liberty! Here's looking forward to another rewarding UIL year in 2023!

Mario Marlon Ibao
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