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TSIA2 Information 2023

What is the TSIA? 

The TSI Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2) was created by the state of Texas to help determine whether students are ready for freshman-level college courses in mathematics and English language arts and reading (ELAR). 

There are two primary reasons a high school student will take the TSIA2:  

  • To qualify for dual credit enrollment 
  • For college course placement 

Note: The TSIA2 has been improved from the TSIA in response to user feedback and legislative requirements. As of January 11, 2021, the original version of the TSIA is no longer available. Check out everything you need to know about TSIA2 exam enhancements and guidelines on accommodations.  

Are students required to take the preassessment activity (PAA)? 

Yes, all test takers prior to the test administration must complete the PAA 9 preassessment activity.  

The TSIA2 is a computer-adaptive test, which means questions may increase or decrease in difficulty depending on the student’s responses. The TSIA2 is not timed, and students may pause the test anytime during their session except during the essay portion. 

What happens if a student doesn’t meet the exam’s benchmarks?  

High school graduates who do not meet one or more of the benchmarks on the TSIA2, or who do not meet one of the TSI exemptions, are required to participate in developmental education prior to, or together with, enrollment in certain freshman-level college courses. Read more about developmental education options here

The TSIA2 is only one exam that your college-bound student may have to take prior to enrollment. 


The TSIA has a new version as of January 11, 2021, called the TSIA2 or TSIA 2.0, where you will only be tested in 2 sections: “Math”, and “English Language and Reading” (ELAR). This is a notable change from the TSIA1, which covered 3 sections ("Math", "Reading", and "Writing"). 


Passing scores for the TSIA2 are as follows: 

Math – 950 or 910-949 AND Diagnostic Level 6 

ELAR - 945/5 or 910-944 AND Diagnostic Level 5 or 6 AND Essay score 5 or higher 


TSIA 2.0 Resources  

The  THECB (The College Board) for practice tests and study materials:

Here’s the link for for more free practice tests, study materials, and tips on how to get the best results: 

HCC has a TSI Prep Boot Camp for you to attend if you prefer (aged 16+ only): 

To find out if you passed your TSIA sections, please click on to view your scores. You will use either your State ID or HISD ID in order to identify yourself in the Student Portal. 

Use the College Board’s online study tool

Access free online learning resources, such as TSIA2 Learning Resources and Khan Academy


 Below are resource guide links for the TSIA2 exam: