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Congratulations NJHS 2019!


The following students have been selected by the Pershing NJHS Faculty Committee to be members of the National Junior Honor Society for the 2019-20 school year:

  • Joshua Block
  • Susie Lane
  • Claire Bradfor
  • Camille Lasics
  • Francesco Camerlo
  • Lindsey Levan
  • Katherine Citino
  • Lucie Loretz
  • Annelise Do
  • Olivia Nagi
  • Sophie Donalson
  • Emily Nakata
  • Amina El Kharrazi
  • Taylor Nguyen
  • Ella Evans
  • Caroline Pettigrew
  • Kate Griffiths
  • Trevor Pham
  • Lola Giwa
  • Emily Vaughan
  • Matthew James
  • Matthew Prabhu
  • Zach Jones
  • Avery Vondenstein
  • Nikhila Kodali
  • Silas White
  • Emma Kolah

 Please see the attached
rubric to see how the Faculty Committee scored the students’applications.Thank you to everyone who applied this year. Over 100 students qualified for NJHS based on a 3.60 GPA for the five six-week grading cycles.

If you are a sixth grader this year, you will have the opportunity to apply next year as a seventh grader.