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2021-2022 School Uniform / Dress Code

Student ID

  • Student IDs must be worn visibly at all times. Information on the ID must be clearly visible and not defaced.


  • Sweatshirts, jackets or sweaters: solid, or a combination of white, gray, purple, and black may be worn during the day. Sweatshirts, jackets or sweaters must not contain profane, illicit, or hateful words or graphics.
  • No vests or other outer wear permitted.
  • Outerwear (such as jackets or sweatshirts) cannot be worn inside out.

Outer Shirt

  • T-Shirts: PTO purchased T-shirt, MPVA Club shirt, 8th grade shirt or MPVA House shirt.
  • Collar w/ 3 buttons: PTO purchased, or solid white, gray, purple or black.
  • Students may not wear the MPVA PE shirt as an outer shirt.


  • Solid white, gray, purple or black; only visible at the neck and tucked in; may not extend below the bottom of the outer shirt.


  • Standard solid blue or black pants/ jeans or khakis fitted at the waist and extending to the ankle.
  • The following are not permitted: (1) sagging pants; (2) leggings, capris; (3) holes or other designs above the knee; (4) cargo pants.


  • Solid navy blue or black uniform shorts OR black or blue denim shorts, or khakis fitted at the waist and extending to the knee. No cargo shorts allowed.


  • Standard, solid blue or black denim or khaki skirts. May not be shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Slits may not be more than 2” deep; measured from the hem.


  • Closed toe, closed heel only. No Crocs, slides, flip-flops, or house shoes permitted; No toe socks/shoes allowed.


  • Any haircut or hair color deemed disruptive by a teacher or administrator will not be allowed. The HISD Student Code of Conduct will be followed.


  • Bags and backpacks:  Must be clear or made of mesh material.
  • Belts must be worn in belt loops.
  • No extra accessories permitted inside the building or classrooms at any time including, but not limited to headwear such as hats, sunglasses, or caps.
  • Hoods may not be worn during the school day.

No jewelry/piercing is allowed for UIL athletic participation.  It is strongly advised not to wear pierced ear jewelry during the PE/athletic period.