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Entry and Dismissal Procedures

Morning Entry Procedures

  • Students dropped off before 8:00 AM will NOT have supervision.
  • Each grade level has a different entry door they must use. Please see the pictures below for the entry areas for each grade level.
  • Students wishing to eat breakfast should arrive before 8:30 AM.
  • The tardy bell rings for Homeroom at 8:30 AM- students must be in class!
  • Students running a fever or displaying symptoms of illness will be required to go home.

 Morning Entry

Morning Entry 2


Afternoon Dismissal Procedures

  • All students must be picked up/ off campus by 4:20 PM. Students who consistently require supervision after this time must be enrolled in After Care.
  • Students are released at 4:00 PM

- Bus riders must stay in their assigned waiting area until their bus arrives.

-Walkers must leave the campus immediately.

-Car riders will immediately report to their cars or wait for their ride to arrive in the auditorium. If a student goes outside and their ride is not there, they will come back inside the auditorium. 

  • Parents may text or call students to let them know they’ve arrived. There will also be personnel outside with a radio to call for students who don’t have a cell phone.
  • Parents need to pull up on the school side of Manhattan Street.