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Unified Kickstart Team Wins First!

On January 25, Meyerland Kickstart Kids made history as the first Kickstart Kids School to bring not one, not two but FOUR demonstration teams to compete at Martial Arts Mania. We had a team competing in every single division: Unified Special Olympics, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Our students range from 6th graders just beginning their training to our returning students that train after school and are red belts and black belts. Meyerland Kickstart kids is the first Kickstart kids program to partner with the Special Olympics Initiative Unified Champion Schools. Our Unified Demonstration team has a 1 to 1 ratio of students with and without intellectual disabilities in accordance with the Special Olympics unified competition team standard. We believe that karate is for everyone! Our mission is to inspire more schools to create Unified teams so students with Autism and Down Syndrome will have the chance to be included. Meyerland Kickstart Kids is leading the way!