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Meyerland GT Expo Finalists Receive Recognition from HISD!!!

Meyerland GT students participated in the first annual GT Expo this year!  Students worked with their mentor teachers to narrow down what they wanted to research and present.  Some students chose to work individually while others worked as a group.  Whether they were on campus or virtual, students used their time wisely to do the necessary work to research about topics that interested them the most.


Judges had their work cut out for them, as they had so many excellent projects to look at and judge!  Although we would’ve liked to see all of our students move on to the districtwide GT Expo, only three projects could move on to represent MPVA.  HISD awarded each student with a medallion and a certificate of recognition for their outstanding performance in the district’s virtual expo!  We are so proud of you Greyhounds!!!


GT Project Name

Meyerland Students

GT vs Non-GT Conflict

Eliran Masti and Zaylee Guzman

The History of Animation

Giselle Gallien, Molly Larson, Maya Schwartz and Michelle Trinh

Song Writing

Maille Craig

 GT Expo

Pictured above: Eliran Masti, Zaylee Guzman, Maya Schwartz, Maille Craig, and Michelle Trinh

 Giselle Gallien    Molly Larson