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2023-2024 Retirement Announcement

Dear Bush Elementary,



This afternoon I told my faculty and staff that I have made the decision to retire. I had planned to retire a few years ago and then COVID hit. I did not want to leave during uncertain times and made new plans to retire when I knew Bush Elementary would be back to a new “normal”. It was while hearing the beautiful voices of the children and seeing the parents and students dancing together at the incredible Go Texan Day event, that I realized it was time to retire. Bush Elementary was back to regular business and I felt at peace with my decision.



I have dedicated 34 years of my life to the students, teachers, and parents of HISD. I started as a fifth grade teacher in 1989, next I taught K-5 Science Lab and I have been at Bush Elementary since 1994 as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal. I am forever grateful for all the wonderful experiences through these years in HISD. Now, I look forward to spending time with my family, reading, and traveling.



Thank you for being a special part of my memories. I know Bush Elementary will continue to be a fabulous school because of the systems in place and the hard work and dedication of the faculty and staff, along with a supportive group of parents.



I will not be around much after June 2. HISD has a set process for hiring a principal which includes doing a candidate profile to hear the characteristics/skills the parents are seeking in the next principal, interviews, and then a meet the new principal event. My boss, Lysette Cooper, will be organizing these events and will share information when it’s available.




Theresa Rose