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HUB Log in from home


To log on to the HUB, you need your student’s HISD Identification
number. It is listed on every report card and standardized test result
sent home.
1. Open Google Chrome. (***The HUB will NOT work on Internet
Explorer.) Search for “HISD Hub.” (It may come up as “Power Up
2. Click “HUB Sign In.”
3. Username is the student’s ID number with the letter “s” directly in
front of it. Password is the student’s birthdate in an 8 digit
For example:
Username – s1234567 (s+ID #)
Password – 01012010 (for birthdate of Jan. 1, 2010.)
If asked for a domain, the domain is “student” then a backslash
(located above the Enter key.) For example: student/s1234567
4. Roberts Elementary School’s page will come up. Click on “Digital
Resources” in the top menu bar (it may be under a drop down tab
labeled “More.”)
5. Click on “Log In With Active Directory.”
Your student is now logged on to the HUB! You can choose from any of
the available applications.
***When logging off, make sure to close all windows and Quit Google
Chrome to log off completely.