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Growth Plans 2021-2022


Hello Parents!

If you are receiving this message, your scholar has been put on a Growth Plan.


What is a Growth Plan?

The word Growth is most important in this process. Because your scholar performed below requirements to stay in the program - we want to offer the opportunity for your scholar to improve their performance at school in order to stay.

How will I know if they're coming back to Chavez High School?

If students show growth and improve their academic, attendance, and/or behavior performance, we will talk as a committee (Parent, Student, Magnet Coordinator, minimum 1 teacher) to determine if scholar will return for the 2022-23 school year.


Each scholar will be asked a series of questions which include:


  • What strengths to build on (in this process)?

(examples: I enjoy working with others. I am open-minded. I want to graduate! I am motivated to get into the _____________ program at Chavez.)


  • Why are we struggling to pass your classes?

(examples: I don’t turn in materials. I don't understand materials and I need help.)


  • What changes can you make to improve your performance in school?

(examples: get on an attendance contract. Sit at the front of the class. Put away the cell phone before class starts. Go to teacher tutorials. Start using educational technology like Quizlet, Khan Academy, No Red Ink.)


    • Questions to ask your scholars:
      • Did you complete all of your school work today? (follow up with "can you show me the work you did today?")
      • Do you have homework? (if the answer is no: "good, that means you can review your materials for tomorrow")
    • Please consider "school work hour"
      • 1-hour, focus time for student
        • They can plan their projects
        • Do their reading
        • Review materials they did not understand
        • Ask teachers questions

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for students to communicate with teachers.

  • Ask questions
  • Submit work or ask how to submit work
  • Ask how to use technology if it doesn't work


Struggling is natural part of learning. There is nothing wrong with struggling. What is important is how we respond.

  • Ask questions
  • Try and let teacher review
  • Work with a partner from class
  • Get a student to tutor you
  • Hire a tutor
  • Check out study guides

Do I have to meet with you? 

Initializing the Growth Plan has commenced, initial parent meeting is optional. We will meet with parents for the Growth Plan Review. 



If you have questions, please give us a call:

713-495-6950, option 3.


Stephanie Rivera

Magnet Coordinator


Veronica Moutade

Magnet Clerk