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Ortiz MS Welcome Back Letter for Fall 2023 - Please review!

Welcome to Ortiz Middle School! 

We are excited to have you join our Eagle family, whether you are new to our school or returning for another year of your middle school education. We have a great team of educators & staff ready to work with you to achieve your greatest potential! Middle school is a time to excel in your classes, develop a passion for fine arts, try something new, join clubs & sports, participate in community service, and hopefully, become a well-rounded individual who will champion for themselves and their communities.

The first day of school is Monday, August 28th. Please ensure your child is on time and attends school every day, dressed in their appropriate grade level dress code and backpack.

Dress Code

Ortiz Middle School officially starts at 8:25 AM. Please do not drop students off at school before 7:30 AM. Leaving your child unsupervised before the official school start time is an issue for student safety.

Students will check the posted rosters for their Eagle Time Blue day (INT B) class. At 8:25 AM, students will be escorted by hallway to their Eagle Time Blue (INT B) class and receive their schedule. Schedules will also be distributed at Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday, August 24th and available online for preview at HISD Parent Student Connect (instructions here).

Bell Schedule

Students will also receive their 1st-day packet to take home. Please complete the packet and return it to school by Wednesday, August 30th to their respective Eagle Time Blue (INT B) class.

Safety is our number one concern. To ensure students arrive at and are dismissed from school in a safe and orderly fashion, we ask that you adhere to our drop-off and pick-up procedures.

  • Front of the campus, on Telephone Rd (Red path): Designated area for buses and tagged vehicles only. 

  • Side of the building, on Dillon St (Yellow path):  Designated area for car riders to drop off and pick up.

  • Walkers have to use designated sidewalks to arrive and leave the campus.

Please follow campus procedures for arrival and dismissal. Campus procedures are designed to help navigate traffic, avoid accidents, and not block traffic. Do not use/stop on Telephone Rd to pick up or drop off at any time. Walkers may not cut across to campus via the streets, athletic field, or hopping the campus fence. Students will exit from the main entrance or the Dillon-side entrance at dismissal. Campus dismissal is at 4 PM daily. Please ensure to pick up your student in a timely manner.

We look forward to a great first day of school on Monday, August 28th, and a wonderful school year!