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3 CVHS Students Qualify as Semifinalists in the USA Biology Olympiad

CVHS Junior Richard Lin, Sophomores Claire Lu and Rahul Menon qualified as a semifinalist in the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) Open Examination. As such, these three students' biology knowledge helped them score in the top 9% of all students nationally who took the USABO Open Exam.

The USA Biology Olympiad is a national competition sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education to select the competitors for the International Biology Olympiad, which first developed and administered this exam in 2002.

Congratulations to Richard Lin, Claire Lu and Rahul Menon and special thanks to the CVHS Biology Olympiad Club members for their inspiration, and to their Biology teachers, especially Ms Masiglat, who has supervised and sponsored this club for the last two years!