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Senior Published in Journal of Student Research

Congratulations to Senior Alexander Nguyen! His AP Research paper "War Journalism and Vietnam Veterans" was published in the Journal of Student Research. 

Alex reports that he wrote the paper because he has a lot of connections to the Vietnam War, being Vietnamese and having two grandparents who fought in the war, including one that was jailed in the subsequent aftermath of Northern victory. He is also fascinated by the journalism of the day, especially the war journalism which caused the meteoric fall in popularity of the war. The morale of veterans of the day seemed like a very mysteriously overlooked sector of the research, and he decided to look into it with today's Vietnam veterans with a series of surveys and interviews.  Classmate, Pranav Kumar, told Alex about the journal and he decided to submit just to see where it went. His article was accepted and published! 


You can read the article here: