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CVHS Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners

Congratulations to all of the CVHS Scholastic Art & Writing Awards winners! Absolutely amazing job!
Asmita Ahuja—15 awards (4 gold keys) for photography, poetry, personal essay, critical essay
Chloe Beaudreau—15 awards (3 gold keys) for photography and digital art
Shriya Bengre—4 awards (2 gold keys) for photography and poetry
Disha Bhattacharya—Gold Key in poetry
Naomi Canny—9 awards (2 Gold keys) for Poetry and short story
Hagar Cohen—Silver key in poetry
Sophia Dai- Gold key in poetry
Andrea Erkal— 2 gold keys in sculpture and photography
Brooke Ferrell—8 awards (2 gold keys) for science fiction, personal essay, and poetry
Humza Hanif—5 awards ( 3 gold keys) for photography
Grace Hao—3 awards (1 gold key) for critical essay and poetry
Sofia Hegstrom—Silver Key in short story
Simon Henry—4 gold keys in poetry
Tracy Huang—3 awards (1 gold key) in poetry and science fiction
Isabelle Jeanjean—3 awards in photography
Gowtham Kadiyala—Honorable Mention in photography
Shree Kamani—3 awards in poetry
Emma Kim—2 honorable mentions in photography
Caoilin Krathaus—3 Gold Keys in sculpture and painting
Dorinda Kyeremateng—2 awards in Architecture and Industrial Design and short story
Jessica Lin—6 awards (3 gold keys) in Film and Animation, Dramatic Script, and Science fiction and fantasy
Litzy Martinez—4 awards in Photography
Kechi Mbah—7 awards (5 gold keys) in poetry
Ayushi Mohanty—Gold key in poetry