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CVHS Senior Awarded The Congressional Award Gold Medal

Congratulations to CVHS Senior Ankitha Lavi for being awarded The Congressional Award Gold Medal, the U.S. Congress’ highest honor for youth.
Gold Medalists have committed themselves to at least two years to goal-setting and community involvement. As the pinnacle award of the program, the recipient has to successfully complete 400 hours of voluntary service, 200 hours of personal development, and 200 hours of physical fitness, and 4-5 days of exploration in at least two years. Through efforts such as starting her own nonprofit organization, she earned the gold, bronze, and silver medals.
She started a non-profit organization called Quia Plus ( that teaches piano and donates 100% of its funds to the Hearing Health Foundation. They have raised over $800 for HHF.
She plans to go to the University of Houston for their Honors Biomedical Sciences program and plans a future career in research or medicine.
Such an amazing accomplishment!