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COVID Reporting and Temporary Online Learning

If you are sick, please stay home. Stay in contact with your teachers. 


If a CVHS student tests positive for COVID, is presumed positive, or you have a question about COVID protocols, please email CVHS Nurse, Kara Nguyen, at

When emailing Nurse Nguyen, please include all contact information including a phone number that the parent can be reached at and the name of the CVHS student. 


Temporary online learning (TOL) is ONLY if a student tests positive or students who are ill and will be out for a prolonged period of time. If this is your case, you can enroll in Temporary online learning (TOL)


Once you complete the TOL form, you will receive notification of enrollment in TOL.  Students who are well enough are expected to attend 4 hours of live instruction via TOL HUB classes each day.  Students are responsible for missed assignments and classwork and should reach out to their teachers for class assignments and information as soon as they can and feel well enough to do so. 


FYI: Students enrolled in TOL will not be removed from CVHS or lose their magnet seat. Students will be added to TOL HUB class in addition to their CVHS HUB Classes.


HISD Health and Medical Services website

HISD Health and Medical COVID Procedural Guidelines for COVID-19 Exposure, Presumed or Confirmed Positive Individuals