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Houston Ballet Partners with Gregory Lincoln Education Center

Gregory-Lincoln Education Center students benefit from Houston Ballet lessons

Houston Ballet Partners with Gregory Lincoln Education Center from Houston ISD on Vimeo.

Gregory-Lincoln Education Center dance instructor Thomas Porter teaches all types of dance in his classes, but he has found that ballet helps his students improve in all areas.

“When I began taking dance lessons, I focused on jazz and tap,” Porter said. “But when I took ballet, I saw a major improvement in my jazz techniques. Ballet quickly became my favorite form of dance.”

That’s why he jumped at the chance to have Melanie Hovis from the Houston Ballet teach a series of six master classes at Gregory-Lincoln this spring. Hovis has been teaching with the Houston Ballet for two years, having danced previously with the Austin Ballet.

“I love working with the students and teachers in the schools,” she said. “Dance is a great way for students to learn more about themselves and develop their self-confidence.”

Hovis began the second of the six ballet classes with stretching exercises on the floor followed by work at the barre. After the students were warmed up, they did some floor work that included simple combinations and jumps. Read more...